Moulin Roty Post Office Set

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Type: Role Play

Moulin Roty's charming play sets are brilliant for imaginative role play games. The boxes open up like little theatres and are full of fun accessories to help children act out different jobs. 

These timeless occupation playsets remind us of our childhood, when we were only interested in one thing: PLAYING! They open up at the front like a theatre for children to act out their story. Once set up, they contain all the accessories children need to pretend to be a postal worker, schoolteacher or restaurant manager.

Children aged 5 and over can imagine all sorts of different situations, either playing by themselves or inviting their friends to join in!

The sets are designed with illustrated pockets for storing the accessories, as well as a box built into the scene.

Each set comes in a case to keep the scene and accessories safe.

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Size: 22 x 20 x 5.5cm.

Suitable for age 5+

French brand Moulin Roty has been creating beautiful, traditional toys since 1975. Shop storybook torches, puzzles, garden activities, suitcase kits for baking, sewing and tools, plus sweet pocket money toys.